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The project has been in beta stage during the last few releases. Although I have shown the current release as a beta release, to me it seems stable enough to use. Since I have not had any feedback from anyone yet, I will keep it as beta until I get some good responses from people who have tried to use it. You will need JRE 1.4 to use the designer.

Previously all the files were put up as separate downloads. They have all been combined into one big zip file which can be downloaded from the Sourceforge website from here.

The contents of the file are as follows:

  • empfd_0.1.1beta_app.jar, empfd_0.1.1beta_app_slaf.jar and empfd_0.1.1beta_wizard.jar are self executable jar files. If your operating system is set up properly you should be able to run these applications by just double-clicking the files. If that does not work then run the following command on a prompt:

    javaw -jar <filename>

    e.g. javaw -jar empfd_0.1.1beta_app.jar

  • empfd_0.1.1beta_app.jar is a demo application created to show the capabilities of the EMP form designer

  • empfd_0.1.1beta_app_slaf.jar is the same demo application along with the Simple Look & Feel library that allows the demo application to change its look & feel to a number of different settings, e.g. KDE, GNOME

  • empfd_0.1.1beta_wizard.jar is an application that can be used to create new XML files to extend the capabilities of the form designer to support new tookits and languages. Please refer to the manual.

  • empfd_0.1.1beta_base.jar is the bare minimum file that a developer will use in order to embed the form designer into their application. Please refer to the manual for using it.

  • empfd_0.1.1beta_bean.jar is the form designer packaged as a Java Bean so that it may be used along with Java Bean containers or with software that read Java Bean files directly.

  • contains test examples of source code generated for AWT, Swing and GTK+ by the form designer using the demo application. Use the demo application to open the .emp form files and load the AWT, Swing or GTK+ XML file included in the archive.

  • contains tookit configuration XML files for AWT, Swing, GTK+ and a special Swing file configured for Urdu users. The XML files may be used with the demo application by using the "Load EMPCodeGen file" option under the File menu. Generate code to see the difference.

    The files are saved using UTF16 file encoding. You can open them up for editing using a text editor that can handle Unicode.

  • contains the java documentation for the whole project.

  • contains the source code for the project.

  • The zip file also contains all the webpages including manuals. Just open the file directions.html